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Real groper in Japanese train 〜BEST SELECTION Vol.01〜

We have been finding out real gropers for a long while. It is finally made up as a best edition. The gropers exist on the train which you use every day. Some girls feel good, but hide ecstasy. The gropers playing with their fingers, and the girls will be addicted to be touched. Actress have been starring who have not believed the gropers exist for real. Listen sexy voice what the girls try to hide, even if they feel orgasm! This movie is a real documentary.

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  • Real groper in Japanese train 〜BEST SELECTION Vol.01〜
  • ●Product number
  • OTK-012
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  • ¥5,500(excluding tax)
  • ●Time
  • 97Min(ALL)
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●Scene infomation

  • Scene.01
  • Ai Kurosaki
  • Second vol 2 of popular movies has come up!! Amateur woman entered! She is a career-oriented women, and working at famous company! As well as she is posh person! She said "I have encountered harder groper than first movie what you shot" "I also have long career to be groped which is more great than other people" She watched the first movie, and entered, as like watch me! We followed her to shoot, and saw amazing gropers, it's harder than we expected!! As if she charmed gropers with her body! We've never seen that gropers in train as real! We tried to change camera work, camera angle from people who are our customers. She cannot hide her nice body, and erotic woman 30 years old! Fashionable, and she always scold her colleagues, but she really likes to be groped. Is it the origin of Groper?! Many hands got her we did not know how many people there!! This is worth to watch!!!!
  • Scene.02
  • Katayama Ai
  • One of the girls is Katayama Ai. 24 years old. She works at Brothel. She is going off about men, because she has played so much with men in her life. Encountering is first time for her, though she is supper bitch. She was surprised so much when encountered gropers in train! What’s happened to her!? Watch out what’s going on in the train!!
  • Scene.03
  • Makise Shiho
  • She is typical beautiful milf! She does not want to have an affair with anyone, because she loved husband really. She said that groping is not for affair, isn’t it?! She unusually has atmosphere of erotic attention. We are shocked to see what her face in the train!! She looked like ”men eater”!!! We cannot trust anyone even if it’s like your mom which means typical old women See the truth with your eyes!!
  • Scene.04
  • Hayashi Yuko
  • She is Venus for groper only once in a hundred years. “I have been looking forward to seeing gropers, but never…” “Why do not they touch me?!” She has been always charming men! What does Venus see then, and her dreams comes true!?
  • Scene.05
  • Sugiyama Ai
  • Cute and face and you've never met in lewd pole ball! Molester is because live countryside her. Of unknown age she might be real J ● ... and "I bought liver ..." "hated ... Seriously in is dangerous ... Gross ..." Gross If you do not want to feel the guys to endure. And "I want to get off ..." she suddenly get off the train. Behold the moment but was appeared to seriously fear heh or shooting termination Rori-kko shining as the sun ... is tainted in the car!