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Real groper in Japanese train 〜BEST SELECTION Vol.03〜

※ The contents overlap with the old work being released.

WThree thousand miles seeking genuine molester!
The third bullet to BEST for the series New chapter!
What a pervert scene recorded uncut!

The destination of metamorphosis is molested.
On the train you see every morning, molest is really there!

A woman who gamans inevitably pays a gasping voice after being a hand man.
A woman trembling feeling too much.
A woman who felt dazzling and hatred and felt her fingers one day.

Women who did not believe in a molesting society approached the reality!
Listen to the pant voice that leaks in the car!

Commuting becomes fun from tomorrow.
Check your reality with your eyes! Molester reality nonfiction key man is here !!!

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  • Real groper in Japanese train 〜BEST SELECTION Vol.03〜
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  • OTK-025
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  • ¥5,500(excluding tax)
  • ●Time
  • 107Min(ALL)
  • Release on June 8

●Scene infomation

  • Scene.01
  • Honmaru Yukiko
  • A girls college student who was cheerfully bright and crisp.
    The goddess who is a part-time worker at the theme park who likes live. I do not have any awareness on my own and sprinkle the smell of sex. 

    "I do not know what it is, but I will take it home to a male soon. 

    F-cup big tits against the gravity, assertion of a nipple that can not be hidden. A thick lips symbolizing sex. A decadent ass with presence.

    The natural nature that I do not know why, Under a clothes a gigantic nipple and an isola, bowl shaped and plump busty are beaten. What does the yellow stain on the deca butt sticking out of the underwear tell you! What?

    Be aware that you are bred in eroticism! It looks like a manga embodying erotic women as you see. 

    What is that huge erect nipple? ! What is the stain of overflowing big buttocks! What? 
    The fingertips of pervert give all the doubts! 
    The car interior becomes like this when born nymphos come to school! The odor of a female smelling enough to reluctantly wraps the train.
  • Scene.02
  • Shibamura Kasumi
  • A beautiful sporty style who seems to live next door.
    She says she is insensitive in her sexual life.
    I can not forget the memories that have been perpetrated in the past, I want to improve my frigidity and participate.
    He usually only acts for his boyfriend, he says he can not feel comfortable with SEX.
    A figure that is made to feel compulsion by exquisite fingering of molest.
    Look at the facial expression that is covered in the vicious heart of a woman who is in danger!
    Beautiful skin, long nipples are played.
    A long skirt is forcibly rolled up, a woman whose heart is tied is the end ...
  • Scene.03
  • Sakaguchi Miyu
  • "'Am I touched by a boy at the time of a nap, is it only me who feels strange?'
    A woman who applied for that she might not be ordinary from the sense of spirit.

    I want to know if it reacts to anyone by being touched by people ...
    I do not recognize myself waking up to the habit of having a sense of spirit.

    Contrary to the gloomy expression, the pervert seeing its essence!

    "I will get off!"

    I show desperately resistance with a pant voice.
    Desperately desperate as saying "I do not feel it".
    A woman who has to shake his head with his face down.

    "Cut ..."

    What emotion is the leaked voice?
    To molest ... in pleasure ... There is no fallen ...
    I am not such a woman ...
    What is the sight that she sees that her underwear is dropped and she can not walk! What?
  • Scene.04
  • Chounabayashi Yuri
  • A genuine girl caught in a local tour.
    She looks like a pure idol.
    But it seems that he was playing from a long time ago
    A woman with natural man technique of natural origin.

    "A man is throwing a punctuation and falling down ~"
    "It's okay if you say I love you"
    "If you say that you do not want to be touched it will help you"

    You should be punished for licking a man.

    She's sneaking in with a margin
    E-cup like pure white and snowy
    The metamorphosis of the train is not silent!

    I glaring at the pervert, stepping on shoes and fighting back ...

    I was at the mercy of a fingertip technique
    Look at the expression that the mind is being conquered! !

    "I was able to be in Anna ●, but it was fun!"

    She has children still to answer by force while hitting her face.

    That is to say such things as being really stained!
    The poor reality that will be defiled by inexperienced molester.
    Do not miss the line of obedience of a woman! ! !
  • Scene.05
  • Wakana Kanae
  • A girl with a real karate black belt appeared!
    The strength of the bleeding oozes, and it drops the exquisite and beauty in the land of Osaka.
    A mortal wakes up the instinct as a woman who she grew up as a real fighter!
    A dignified strong beauty is a seven-tumbling trick!
    What looks she last showed that she felt desperately despairing ...
    Here is the story of the sorrow that the female fighter of Naniwa showed.

    If you squirm Osaka's pervert, it's Akan! ! ! !